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Ballistic Chronographs For Air Gun Shooting


Ballistic chronographs are devices built to measure the velocity parameters of projectiles in flight. Most chronographs are capable of performing the basic statical analysis that shooters need, such as average velocity, fastest and shortest slowest shot and standard deviation. This […] Read more

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Different Pellet Shapes And Calibers


As most of you know pellets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It’s essential for all air gun shooters to know the basic differences between each of them to be able to choose a pellet that suits […] Read more

Types of air guns (part 2)


In the first air gun basics article we’ve covered the spring piston air guns, like break barrel, side lever and underlever guns. This time we are moving on to weapons operated by compressed gases such as CO2 or breathable air. […] Read more

Types of air guns (part 1)


In the aspect of power sources there are several types of air guns, which you might find a little disturbing at first. In this two part article we are covering all basic types from break action guns to PCP air […] Read more

The History Of Air Guns


Air guns are based on the oldest pneumatic technology. The oldest of mechanical air guns dates back to about 1580, the date that most historians consider as the beginning of the modern air gun era.
The first air guns of […] Read more

Accuracy Of Today’s Air Guns


Accuracy is a topic that every air gun shooter brings up from time to time. Is my gun really accurate? The question is quite subjective. People consider their weapons accurate if they can hit their desired target at the desired […] Read more

How To Use and Adjust Rifle Sights 


As scopes are getting more and more affordable and popular, there are people who never even use the open sights of their air rifles. However, open sights can be very accurate in certain cases, so it’s essential for any air […] Read more

Field Target Shooting


Field Target is an outdoor precision shooting discipline using air guns, made up in the 80s in the UK. The targets are solely metal silhouettes with a hole on their body called the „kill zone”. Silhouettes only tumble if the […] Read more

Comparison Of Pellet And BB Guns


BB and pellet guns both have their own long history. Although there are several air guns able to shoot both projectiles, there are basic differences in characteristics you need to know about to make a wise decision when it comes […] Read more