Composite Rifle Stock: Built for the best

Composite rifle stock is the best; it is stronger, lighter stiffer and last for a period of time. Most of the world class shooter chooses this stock than other stocks. It can handle the weight of a pick-up. It has a futuristic look and gun-lovers will love it.

What it is made?

The composite rifle stock is made mostly of a 100 percent carbon fiber which is an aircraft grade in the outer layer and a lot of fiberglass in the inner layer. The handle is made with high temp epoxy resins placed under a vacuum and heat to have a perfect resin to make the fabric weight ratio lighter. This means that this stock is lighter and heavy duty.


The ultimate goal of this kind of composite rifle stock is to have a ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics rifle.


For tactical use come standard, painted with industrial grade very durable, polyurethane enamel. They have 5 different colors, black, green, coyote tan, dessert tan, and sand. They have also different camouflage colors that suites the shooter type.

For hunter use, there is only a 100 percent carbon fiber no more fiberglass layers which mean it is ultrahigh weight. For training use, they have stocks that have the same weight of a real stock but the shooter will not get the same recoil not like the tactical does.


Here are some solid colors and it comes with desert sand, coyote tan, earth brown, green, leafy green, dead flat black. The paint is used as an industrial grade very durable, two part polyurethane enamel paints. All of the colors are made to minimize light reflection and have a nonslip pebble finish.


Inside the composite rifle stock it has aluminium bedding block, a pillar, aluminium trigger housing, aluminium skeleton, and a stud bar. The lighter and durable parts are one of the aces of the composite rifle stock.

Services and price list

Here are some price lists that you can choose from a competition grade stock. Stock can cost from $600 to $1200 then plus additional shipping fee. For an additional style like custom action insert cost $50, aluminium plate in front of the bipod can cost $25 and butt pad that is installed to the length you desire cost $55.

Tactical stocks cost around $400 to $900, ultra light hunting stocks are around $400 only. The higher the price the better stocks and guns you can get. You can buy some of these items on a regular shop or on the internet.