Fiberglass rifle stock for Shooting

Fiberglass rifle stock is pioneered by Chen brown in the early 60’s. He didn’t know that at that time his invention will have a great effect in the industry of guns. The fiberglass is lighter and more durable than a wood stock. The stock has a weight of 6 pounds, it is better than the wood stock which has 3 more pounds.


Fiberglass was invented by Russell Games Slayter in 1938. Glass fiber is formed by thin strands silica-based and made it into fibers with small diameters suitable for textile processing. It was made by heating to make and make the glass form as fibers. Its composition is made mostly are silica sand, limestone, and soda ash


In the late 60s the fiberglass rifles were used in hunting. In the countryside, hunters prefer this lightweight because it gives them more accurate, reliable and indestructible hunting rifles. Also it is used in making stocks for shotguns.


It was invented in the late 1965 and named as the first synthetic rifle stock in the market. In 1966 it was used on hunting in most of the hunters. Then in 1968 they use stainless steel barrels on the rifle the quality of the rifle rises. Then as the time goes by many good quality stock was made and even lighter. Still some of the countryside prefers the fiberglass rifle for their hunting purposes.

Name it

Fiberglass stocks now are called synthetic rifle stock. It is constructed with a high-strength fiberglass-reinforced, lightweight synthetic material. That won’t bend or swell or moist also, it is scratch proof. Fiberglass is used in shotguns, rifles and many more.

The best fiberglass rifle stock is by McMillan, they are the world’s leading fiberglass construction. Fiberglass rifle stock durability can be a weapon too. How? If you have no more ammunition you can use it like a bat to hit the bad person. With its durability you can knock that person down.

The fiberglass industry really changed the life and made the world more modern. We can see that fiberglass helps our materials to be lighter and more durable. Imagine our military in the past suffering in carrying the heavy guns. It really was a waste of energy in carrying it around on the war.

We should be thankful for the one who invented it, because without his invention people will not strive in inventing more lighter and durable compound than the fibreglass.